Reply To: Major Bug in Resource Conditional Filters!


don´t understand. My condition filter says:

“Wenn du mehr als einen Nachlass des gleichen Typs hinzufügst wird nur der erste Bedingungs Treffer von Hoch nach Tief gegeben”

So it´s possible to set up more than one filter of the same time? Only the highest filter should match.

And I think I found the solution in your answer:

Only one filter of same type matches – highest to lowest.

I understand “Condition filter – number of days” ist one filter of the same type.

But the program differs between “Condition filter – number of days – with discount” and “Condition filter – number of days – with extra charge”.

So it comes, that by book 28 days in my model, the 28 days discount filter matches and the right discount is calculated, but second the 3 days extra charge filter matches too, because it´s the hightest extra charge filter. So 2 filters of same type matches on one booking. Thats a problem, because the booking is 28 days and the 3 days filter matches.

Hope you understand my problem?

I need only the highest filter “condition number of days” matching.

Best regards,