Reply To: More advanced coupon system

Yes please!! Can you tell me where to add a fixed limit of 1500 for every coupon.
After many meetings the coupon rate is .35 of room rate to the value of $1500
The sample below is based on .4 of room rate with the $1500 limit.

This would be very much appreciated.

I have a new formula and would be only to happy to pay for this to be done. If not just to know where to make the change would really assist.

When the booking is made, the computer asks the following questions:

1. If membership booking ; (Previous booking + current Booking) $1500 (y)
Then z = {( Previous Booking + Current Booking (w)) – $1500 (y)}

Cost of Current membership booking = (w-z) + z/x

After this calculation is done once, the computer sets the rates for this member to guests rates

Eg. A member has one previous bookings totaling $1100. He/she wants to make a further booking which totals $652 at members rates
What the computer does is this:

Total of membership spend to date at members rates = $1100 (Bookings to date) + $652 (Current booking) = $1752 total
Computer says $1752 > $1500
Booking allowance exceeded by $252
Computer Adjusts current booking:
Current booking Now costs = {[($652(w) – $252(z)] + $252 (z) / 0.4 (x)}
=($400) + $630
=$1030 as the cost for the member

When bookings have exceed $1500(y) in a season the computer sets “guests rates” or makes “Void” the coupon for future bookings in the current season.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.