Reply To: Multilingual website – different cart URL-s problem


I really appreciate your help but i have to say that i am really getting tired of this plugin. I have messed around about two weeks now and basically nothing has changed.

What happened during the last 3 days:

1. Three days ago i followed your suggestions and updated to latest beta. Nothing changed.
2. Now i deleted every product i had and i deleted every resource i had. After that i added resources and products again.
3. Voila! It worked as it should have from the start Every redirection to cart worked and all products were added.
4. Today i upgraded my WordPress from 3.8.3 to 3.9 and problems started again.
– shortcode button is not working
– redirections are working but products are added only when main language is chosen. When using all other languages, no products are added.
5. Now i upgraded to the latest beta (3.4.beta.17)
– still, shortcode button is not working
– no products are added to the cart if any other language is chosen
5. Re-saved every resource. Problem is till there.
6. Re-saved ever product. Problem is till there.
7. Re-saved sync module. Problem is till there.

I have to deploy this site on april 26 but at the moment it just does not work. Please let me know, is there a way to get this thing to work as it should? Any help is appreciated.