Reply To: Myallocator api integration – when?

I am not complaining, but I spent like 4 months getting my head around your system, its great and now I have to dump it as you don’t want to plug into a channel manager. All you need to do is pick one and every one of your clients can use that one channel manager to go out to all the other sites. You seem to be fixed on that you need to do it all. Myallocator, is fine, is $17 a month and does all the work for you, or choose another one, I don’t care which one I use. You could choose one that suits your customers and charge then a lot of money to say ” I will bring you x 1,000’s of clients” and get it all plugged in.

You’re missing a trick, any way, I can’t wait any longer and now looking to start with a new system that plugs into a channel manager that will cost me 20 euro a month to use, but at least I can then plug into a channel manager. Good luck πŸ™‚