Reply To: Need help: Changing prices


Doing some MEGA TESTING right now, because it was strange behaviour.

I figured out, that the new beta version has some incompatible issues with some standard plugins!

It seems you changed the AJAX request from booking_form to backend in a way that colliedes with other plugins.

Strange that Ajax request ins search_form still works.

But I think it´s your part to find the bug.

The plugins who block price calculations in Booking_form since the last beta are:

1) Comprehensive Google Map Plugin:
2) Site Push :
3) BulletProof Security:
4) Secure WordPress:

As mentioned before: easyreservation in the current released version runs smooth with all these plugins activated. Trying the beta every one of these plugins block price calculation in booking form – and only there, price calculation in search_form works fine.

Maybe you can have a look at this, because it seems like a bug and the 4 plugins are popular ones.

Best regards & thanks for your great work!