Reply To: Need help: from and to date in emails

Unfortunally [arrival] and [depature) incluedes the time and not only the date 🙁

My main problem is:

I use your tool for a parking service.

Parkimg services are not payed per night, but per calendar date.

I need to have the arrival and the depature TIME, but don´t need this time for calculating price.

It´s horrible. If I don´t use “use time in reservation” it calculates every night, but not every day. If I use “use time in reservation” it´s nearly the sam if the dapature hour on nex day is earlier than the arrival hour the day before….

So I user to have “use time in reservation” an set all time fields to hidden mode. Arrival is 12:00 and depature is 13:00.

The real arrival and depature is questioned by an custom field.

Its a bad workaround 🙁

And so it´s a problem for me having the time in the emails after the date………