Reply To: Need to know how to do a few things…

1. Requirements minimum two billing units should do the trick as they need to reserve more then 24h then. Else not possible.
2. easyReservations_form_shortcode.php search for “date-from” and add a line like

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$value = date(RESERVATIONS_DATE_FORMAT, strtotime("next sunday"));

3. value=”12″ in tag.
4. /lib/classes/reservations.class.php function sendMail() duplicate the wp_mail line at the end and insert your email.
5. Not possible at all. Would need to many changes to guide you.
6. Same as above. In easyReservations_form_shortcode.php it calls the function easyreservations_resource_options() (lib/functions/both.php) to generate the select. You could add a check there like

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if($room-ID !== "ADMINROOMID" || current_user_can('edit_plugins')){


At this amount of required changes I would suggest a developer, as I can only help to a reasonable degree. Hope I could push you in the right directions through.