Reply To: New custom price fields

I followed your steps, and I don’t know if this is a bug.
The billing unit for my rooms is “daily billing”
You can see it here:

I followed your instructions and I have set the price at the end
You can see it here:

I save the changes and try a test on the booking form. If I make a reservation for 3 nights, and select 1 Extra bed for a double room, the system only adds the price for a Extra bed for 1 night

If I edit the data in the custom field I see that there is a bug. I lost all custom filters.
You can see it here

If I’m setting a wrong filters, please, could you tell me which is the correct setting?
If instead it is a bug, could you tell me how to fix it?

In my case, as you know, the old code to the price custom fields no longer work.

I’m looking forward to hearing you.