Reply To: No arrival field – correct that


There are no other “easyReservation forms” on the page. I’ve done a few screenshots that may help.

1. Standard page – no shortcode, no forms – Before

2. Page with below searchform shortcode – Page Loading

[easy_search style="1" theme="list" submit_button="Search" reserve_text="Reserve now!" width="100" form_url="" resourcename="Room" start="1" searchdirectly="1" unavail="1" image="1" img_x="100" img_y="100" price="1" availability="1" more="1" content="500" calendar="15" calendar_mode="none"]

3. As above but now page fully loaded

Wordpress version 3.5.1
easyReservations 3.2.4
Module list

I’ve downloaded that beta link and looked at the changelog – my copy that I only purchased & downloaded the other day appears to be up to date.
UPDATE: I have just dropped in the the BETA files and the issue still exists.