Reply To: Not receiving e-mails on pending reservation

Yes, I discontinued it.
I found out that to write an application for multiple platforms at once isn’t a very good option. I’ve began multiple time with multiple frameworks and It’s always an compromise that doesn’t felt very good. So it were clear that I’ve to write native apps for iOS and Android on its own if I want to get to the quality I expect from me.
Then I noticed that to start with an Android app isn’t a good idea because of less user using it and the purchasing rate is really poor on google play. But I had no mac and only an old iPhone 3G.

The next thing was that the plugin itself wasn’t polished enough. It was the right decision to get back to the plugin and concentrate fully on it. With these optimizations I was able double my sell rate since then, a mobile app wouldn’t give nearly that much. I see it more as marketing.

But slowly I get back to the point of seeing the plugin in a good state and wanting to go on and learn something new. And as I’ve just replaced my computer with a macbook I’m now able to write a native iOS application. If I get no other big plan or project I will start to explore it till the summer.
Long story 😉