Reply To: OTA – Open Travel Alliance – Channel Manager, etc.

Yes, I’ve also read through that pdf’s. But unfortunately couldn’t find the chapter on how the basic logic works.

As of what you explain it would be irrelevant how complex the prices and availability in easyreservations are because the other system query that informations anytime again. And how do you connect the properties in both systems with each other? And what happens on if the server with easyreservations is down?

There’s already a SOAP Api for easyreservations that can read XML. So it’s “just” reading the OTA request and responding correctly. I’ll try to read the docs again tomorrow, but right now there still too many questions left to say you anything. But it sounds good 😉
Any ideas of sandboxes so I can work with real requests and not only on a documentation? Is there example code anywhere?