Reply To: OTA – Open Travel Alliance – Channel Manager, etc.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. All major ones use the standard, but the access it hard. Even the implementation guide on the wiki is secured to only let members of the OTA look at it. Probably it wasn’t the intention of the standard, but after more reading I can say that you can’t implement it properly without help and access from the others systems people. So it’s a natural way to control what systems make it. If you relate it with any other small standard in development you’ll see a big difference. This one is closed.
However, I don’t only need access to one other system, but to all I want to support. And as of how these other systems search for properties I would have to expand my system to ask for all these thinks like location, smoking and so on. A lot of work for a feature that get requested once a month. And maybe a bit to much for a 119€ software. I would do it if I could make it compatible to the major systems in a reasonable time, but right now it seems like weeks of work.