Reply To: OTA – Open Travel Alliance – Channel Manager, etc.

To be honest with you this topic is so big that I’ve still hundreds of questions left myself.
I still don’t get the basic architecture of it: So I assume easyreservations should always be the master system which is responding to availability requests and adds reservations to the resources afterwards. That means the user has set up easyreservations resources and settings. Then he wants to use OTA together with another system, let’s say Does he set up his resources and settings there again or does it requests them from easyreservations? If the first how can easyreservations know which resource is related to which one in this unknown other system? Then at the availability check does only needs to ask easyreservations or both ways around? And what’s with the complex price system of easyreservations, does asks at each of their requests for it? Or am I completely in the wrong direction and it works different?
And most importantly with which portals/softwares would easyreservations be compatible thought OTA?

Even after reading their documentations for more than a hour this questions are still unresolved. I only get the request “Is it compatible to …?” and don’t know what they really technically want from that.
If I find a clear technical solution for all of my concerns that works for most of my users I would start preparing easyreservations for it. But either way, it’ll be to late for you I guess. Or do you want to try yourself on it?