Reply To: Overbooking

Hi Feryaz
I removed date-to completly, and cleaned-up all reservations.

A reservation for June 28e taken all resources available, was booked & paid & auto-approved correct.

However the calender showed the date June 28 in GREEN and JUNE 29 in RED. (not good: expect 28 te be red)

Attemtping to have another reservation on the 28 was not possible and a real time indication was shown presented to the user (=good)

I noticed in the overview (only 1 entry) that the arrival=28e and departure=29

So, it seems that, in this situation where I don’t use the date-to field in the form, the calendar high-lights the next day (=not good), where the field validation uses arrival day (=good)

P.s.: Should like to view & try this your self, let me know to what email address I should you send log-in credentials

Many thx