Reply To: Paid Reservations Staying on Pending

Yes, this is with paypal.
The beta fixed the nonce problem, and paid bookings are now auto-approving once again.

There are 2 other problems I can see though, which might also be because of the recent paypal updates.
1) Using Paypal sandbox, my first test booking went through fine but any other test bookings now come up with this error: “This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant.”
Subsequent bookings are entirely different from the first. This indicates that the invoice number being sent to paypal is not incrementing.

2) Paypal is no longer returning users to my confirmation page automatically. This used to work fine, but now I have to click a link on paypal to return to the site. I have easyreservations set up to return to the correct page and I’ve changed the auto-return settings within paypal as well; still not working.

Let me know if you need access to have a look around my WP and test for yourself.