Reply To: Paypal button to pay after deposit

No, I didn’t include deposit amount in the shortcode, like [paypal 20]. On the reservation form, I have different deposit options: 20%, 50%, enter your own, and pay full amount. How do I set the shortcode in the automatically generated emails for this configuration so that it “knows” the balance due? If it’s not possible, then how do you suggest I configure the plugin to send an email to the customer with a link to pay the balance due?

I tried this: I removed the paypal shortcode from the auto generated email “mail to guest from admin in dashboard” and added it directly to the texbox in Mail->”send mail to guest”. This worked and the shortcode, [paypal 20] was converted into a link in the email to PayPal with 20% of the original price set to pay. Is there a way to configure the shortcode using flat amount rather than a percentage?

By the way, the link to documentation for PayPal plugin, found at under “Browse documentation”, is broken:

Thanks for your response. This plugin is very feature rich and I am overall very happy with it.