Reply To: Paypal for Non paypal curency.

No, sorry but this would never end. After the invoice and the paypal ipn you would come on more what would need to change too. And further you couldn’t update anymore which would bring me to the task to give support for bugs I already fixed in an update.
I’m really doing a lot for request, more as any other developer I’ve seen, but this is to specific and doesn’t return anything for the plugin. Nobody else needs something so inexact to just divide the price. That’s no exchange rate. So as long as you dont plan to make me rich I have to say no.

You can either make it yourself or hire someone. Dividing through 4 is in PHP just a “/4”, so you can add that to any variable that you want. Invoice is in lib/modules/invoice/invoice.php, where you need to add it to every price. The paypal ipn is in lib/modules/paypal/paypal_ipn.php but if I understand you right you would have to multiple the paid amount to come on your amount.

And in the end I find it quite senseless to use your currency if everything should appear in euro. Why dont you just enter euro prices in the first place?