Reply To: Paypal for Non paypal curency.

Thank you very much and I and I appreciate your work and effort and your help.

“And in the end I find it quite senseless to use your currency if everything should appear in euro. Why dont you just enter euro prices in the first place?” – Because in Romania we have LEI not euro, our guest are 50-60% from Romania and 40% another countries, and the people how want to pay us online/via paypal will pay in euro but people that will do the booking and pay on arrival pay us in lei, and our price are in LEI (the price in euro is changed every day, and we don`t have time to changed every day on website sourcecode, this is why I was asking you if you can made me a variable for exchange rate)

I hope you’re not mad at me but I think it would have been a great help to many customers to use a variable to exchange rates.

But I must ask you why you border to add another currency to plugin admin if the only payments via paypal or another payments method are in currency like euro/usd/lires ? 🙂
Thank you for tell me the files I need to change.

Another question is any method to add a option to bypass payment ?
I like to have as method of payment paypal but if the client/guest want to made the payment on arrival the paypal payment should be skipped and the next step to be displayed (with email send, and invoice to).
I can do this if I put deposit to 0% or fixed 0?

Thank you again and I appreciate your help and effort.