Reply To: Plugin hard to find on

Dear Feryaz and rootdevs,

I did really have to dig into wordpress to find easyReservation, read and read, again and again, finally have an idea that this is a really good plugins, but it really take me awhile also to really make the decision to go for premium, I think about 1 month!

I also think that the documentation need to be a little bit detailed, as my impression is you are working by yourself, I don’t know either you want to hire somebody to help you do the coding and hire a freelancer to help you better your documentation?

Of course not me 😉 since I’m not good at coding and my poor English will not sufficient to help you 😀

I Think this keywords will be beneficial, hotel, hostel, online booking, reservation, registration, maybe people can find your plugin quicker without have to click “next” too many times.

Anyway, great plugin!

Thank you bro,
Br. Dharmaputra