Reply To: Price and Tax Fields Display Inconsistent Info

At this time, the tax shown on the invoice is calculated backwards, but not added to the fixed price. The fixed price includes tax.

The problem is that a tax rate of 8% is used in the calculation, regardless of the tax rate defined under “Resources settings” located within the “Reservations Resources” section. I have tried multiple values for fixed price, and each time the corresponding invoice shows a tax that is 8% of the price without tax even though I’ve defined 12.5% tax rate for the resource under the “Resources settings” section for the resource.

Would it help simplify invoice calculations if the fixed price section included an additional field (daily rate without tax) to the fixed price section which would be in addition to the existing field for total price with tax?

I believe the invoice should show the following when dealing with fixed price; 1) the total amount paid including tax, 2) breakout of tax and daily rate without tax.

Thank you,