Reply To: Price filter, problem with date range (arrival date field)

I wrote it here because it mentioned also the date in the error. Actually I have made a change in the file easyReservations_admin_main.php . I have added under the line 1385 this piece of php code in order to get the actual room id

$my_select = "Select * from wp_posts where post_title = '".$room_name."'";
$my_query = mysql_query($my_select);
$my_array = @mysql_fetch_array($my_query);
$my_id = $my_array[ID];

Also under this existing code

<select name="room" id="room" onchange="easyreservations_send_price_admin();changer();get_the_select(1, this.value);dofakeClick(2);">

that is found just after the above row we have added the below new code

<option selected="selected" value="<? php echo $my_id; ?>"><? php echo $room_name; ?></option>

I think this is clear to those who understand php and are familiar with debugging existing wordpress code.

May be someone can do better but this is what we did as workaround in quick problem solving.

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