Reply To: price filters in resources

Hi, I’ve modified base prices and offer settings so I resolved chidren wrong price and reservations in periods both with and without offers.
I still need your support for installing beta version (I’m afraid I didn’t understand how to install beta and not “normal” version).
Furthermore I have a serious problem with reservation form because I absolutely need to show base price and disconount price in the same form.
In admin reservation panel I have all the informations (Chrildren’s filter child30.05-11.07 -40,00 € 200,00 €) but I need that this information is visible for user who is filling the form not only for admin in the backend. What code I can add to the form?

These are FTP and WP access codes:
FTP: Russo@23li89!lo

WP admin:
user: vps_newsite
password: Anna#Russo#lillo15

Thanks again and best regards