Reply To: Price per day and view reservations panel customization.

Ok, yeah Im been searching around both ajax files you pointed out, wow, I dont have the enough knowledge in php to know what you done there exactly.
But I dont think I need to go to those files and start to messing around, to finish screwing the code.
I think that I just need you to point me out which variable define the quantity of days, and the variable that defines the final price showed in the up left corner of the form.
For me both variables are on the easyReservations_form_shortcode.php because the variable of the quantity days is generated when the customer chooses both arrive and departure day, then it is send along with custom fields with price to ajax files to make the calculation and then it comes back to easyReservations_form_shortcode.php as the “final price”. So If I divide “Final price” with “quantity of days” and round it, I just get the price per day.
In the hardest case, both arrival and departure day variables is send to ajax files. But if I know how both variables names are I just can do something like this “ROUND(finalprice/(arrivedate-departuredate))”.
The reason that I bought this module is because I dont have weeks or months to messing with code, the campervans are there and I need to start renting them as soon as I can.

If you cant help me, at least be kind to recommend someone who can make this customization for a fee.
Thank you.