Reply To: Problem with availability of a ressource


I would kindly ask if you has had time to think about the promised solution for the problem?

Maybe a quick hint for me how to implement the second check?

For my implemntation I could life with it, if it´s one request per resource (I only have 4 ressources with aboz 150 rooms per resource).

I realy hard need a solution to block bookings if no room is free over the whole booking resource.

As said above: I used your plugin for a parking service. One Parkhaus has 200 places.

The problem now is, that I run in troubles, because easyreservations thinks I have 20 free rooms per day in total, but not on a single room. My solution at the moment is, that I can only make 80% of my rooms avaible for booking, because I neet 20% for the customers who booked, but don´t have a room for the whole booking period.
So unfortunally I loose money 🙁

Whould be great if you find te promised solution or if you can give me a hint how to implement it by my own.

Best regards