Reply To: Question about permission levels

1. You can read everything about the access levels here. In the plugin you can control access of the different pages at all and in addition for specific resources. As there are only 6 roles It’s also working with additional roles that come from other plugins or a simple line of code that you can add.

Super Admin – Someone with access to the blog network administration features controlling the entire network.
Administrator – Somebody who has access to all the administration features
Editor – Somebody who can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts, etc.
Author – Somebody who can publish and manage their own posts
Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their posts but not publish them
Subscriber – Somebody who can only manage their profile

2. If you add them (price fields in forms) you can select checkbox and then checked and disabled. Afterwards you can add disabled=”disabled” checked=”checked” after the value.

3. The best method is to copy your used form style default = /css/forms/form_none.css, blue = /css/forms/form_blue.css or premium = /lib/modules/styles/form/form_premium.css into the folder /css/custom/ and rename it to form.css and edit as you want. Then set your forms shortcode to style=”custom”. A bit complicated, but in this way your changes will stay after updates.

Hope everything will going well for you 😉

Regards feryaz