Reply To: Quick reservations for recurrent clients

Sorry for this long time to answer, but I had to think for longer on this.
In short I have to say that I can’t build in a function that I have to maintain just for you.
Every other had to pay me for this kind of customization, but as you’re here for so long I don’t wan’t to get paid for such a small function from you either.

If you export name and email as csv it has the proper aligment for wysia just the wrong way around, did you tried if that maybe works? If they’re code reads the headline that’s possible.
And else you could just change the position of email and name in the export.php script. That’s copy and paste on two spots.
And if even that won’t work you can still export as xls, rearrange them in excel and save as csv. That needs a half minute if you know how.

With all this ways I see really no reasons for more script in easyReservations.
Sorry that I have to regret your second suggestion, it’s really not meant personal 😉