Reply To: Reservation Form – "onclick" command empty


thanks for your answer. As you advised me, I’d deactivated all other plugins one by one, then switched to standard theme. I’ve even tried two other themes. Nothing new.

Is there something wrong I did generating the form? I have the same issue on my test local site. I’ve just checked again on the demo theme website – – and it works.

In its source code, the onclick command is not empty: input type="submit" onclick="easyreservations_send_validate('send','easy-form-6815'); return false" value="Send" class="easy-button" style="" title=""


the current source code of the submit button on my website input type="submit" onclick="" value="Envoyer - Send" class="easy-button" style="" title=""

So, would it be a misconfiguration in my form? Something I forgot to validate/to add generating the form with your plugin?

Many thanks for your help.


Update: after switching in debug mode via wp-config, I sent the form again, and here is the error message I’ve got:

– Undefined variable: custom_form in …\wp-content\plugins\easyreservations\lib\functions\both.php on line 441

Hope it will help.