Reply To: Reservation Form Pre Select Dates

I decided to not show the complete form, instead i just want to create a price calculator.

Can you tell me if i can do in this way?
Using the reservation class:

$my_reservation = new Reservation
(false, array(‘name’ => ‘GUEST’, ’email’ => ‘’, ‘arrival’ => $date_from,’departure’ => $date_to,’resource’ => (int) $my_room_id,’resourcenumber’ => 0,’country’ => ‘spain’, ‘adults’ => $my_adults, ‘custom’ => maybe_unserialize($custom_form),’prices’ => maybe_unserialize($custom_price),’childs’ => $childs,’reservated’ => date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’, time()),’status’ => ”,’user’ => $current_user->ID), false);

And print like this:
easyreservations_format_money($my_reservation->price, 1);

This should give me the right price, no?

May thanks.