Reply To: Resource for Hourly Calendar

so i have created a resource with hourly billing.
i created a page with the hourly calendar and a form.

the resource i created has a min of 4 hours max of 8.

i go the the page i created and try to book 12:00-4:00 and i get a message:
:At least 4 hours in Sample Resource One
but thats 4 hours.. so i try 12:00-6:00 still same error.

thats where i need help to start. why am i getting this message when i did book 4 hours min?

is there an availability search for hourly?

is there an hourly calendar you can select on that the reservation form then gets updated information similar to the regular daily availability?

one more thing here it… also says the departure date must be different the the arrival date.. ?????

so several things above i could use some detail on help me on.. .