Reply To: Resource Priorities

Hi, can you please assist with the below resource example I have.

• Base price for season has been set with a filter – works and calculates correct.
• Children Under 4 free has been set with a filter for a discount of $12.50 every time 1 child is selected. This works and calculates correct as well.

Now here is where the problem lies:

WEEKLY PRICING (1 night free)
• Base price for season – Set with a discounted 7 day pricing using a filter. This works and calculates correct for the weekly cost.
• Children Under 4 free: This filter I have set up for the discount of $12.50 per child (which works for daily pricing) is not applying to my weekly price. Every time I increase the amount of children, the pricing increases, instead of discounting each child.

This tells me that the child filter is working per child but not per day as required, so t discount is only applying for the initial night stay. I believe the problem is that there is not the ‘Mode’ option that need available. The option combination i would require for this to work is (if it was available): ‘Price per child and per day’.

I have tried to use ‘Price per day & per person’ but that does not correlate to the children’s drop down menu therefore the discount does not apply to the children. Below is a sample of how this filter is currently set.

Filter by Condition:
TYPE: Amount of Children
CONDITION: 1 (children’s)
MODE: Price per child

TYPE: Discount
Price: -12.5

Can you see a work around this problem? Thank you.