Reply To: Resource Priorities

Hello, thank you for your response. Quick background for you:

– Extra Persons are charged at $12.50 (filter set up and this works fine)
– Children 4 years and under stay FREE
– Children above 4 years are charged at $12.50. NOTE: In the children pull down listing, i have added in brackets ‘children 4 years and under. When a guest selects 1 or more children under 4 staying, there should be no fee charged at all. If a guest has children 5 yrs old and above, they must add the number of children to the Adult pull down list instead.

As suggested, I have set the ‘Children’s discount per billing unit’ to $12.5 discount and unfortunately the system is ignoring the discount and adding $12.5 fee to every child eg. 1 child = $12.5 / 2 children = $25.00.

I have also tried -$12.5 ‘Children’s discount per billing unit’ but with no change to the above.

Summary: Looking at the system, If I was able to successfully get the discount to minus and not add (as it is currently doing – this is problem 1). Then I believe we will be faced with problem 2. So let’s say this discount is in fact working, and 1 night stay is $100 for 2 people and their child is under 4 yrs old, the system will apply the $12.5 discount via ‘Children’s discount per billing unit’ and come to a grand total of $87.50.This will be incorrect. The grand total for those 3 guest need to equal $100, thus offering the child a free stay.

Can you please advise how I can work around this?

Thank you.