Reply To: Resource Priorities

I’ve been playing around this this whilst awaiting your response. This is how the filter looks:

Children 4 Years & Under:

Type: Amount of Children’s
Condition: 1 children’s
Mode: Price per child

Type: Discount
Price -12.5

Children 4 years and under stay free so what I am trying to achieve with this filter is; when 1 or more children are selected for reservation, the system should not add the ‘per person’ extra charge of $12.5 that I have set as another filter, but instead apply this discount of $12.50. This filter/discount is working perfectly for 1 night stay. When 2 or more night’s are selected on the calendar, and you also select 1 or more children in the reservation, the system is now adding $12.50 to each person, per day.

Can you please advise the correct perimeters for me to use so I can achieve what I need to? Thank you.