Reply To: Resources Won't Allow Booking on Day of Check Out

I activated the time option. It still will not let a guest book on a day of another guest’s departure. I tried to set the arrival time and departure time on each resource, but it still will not work and guests receive error messages about the times. I’ve re-set the arrival/departure times back to 12am to 11pm, to stop the time error messages.

By turning on the time option, the half day triangle does show on the guest view calendar of each room’s availability (instead of a solid square), however, it will NOT allow the room to be booked on a departure date. Obviously I’m not getting all of the settings coordinated to work together properly for it to work.

Do I need to set each resource’s arrival and departure time differently to allow booking on a check-out day? If so, what should the times be set at? The options I tried would not work. If these times must be set, will I be able to turn off the time error messages that are showing on the booking form?

Or is there something else that I need to set to allow bookings on day of check out?