Reply To: Scrolling in dashbord show bad dates

This is what happened:
1. I got multiple reports on a problem.
2. I could reproduce and fix it so I released a beta.
3. Multiple customers said it’s fixed.
4. You report the same problem.
What would you’ve answered on that point?
And I can’t check if your’s is another bug without you installing the beta.
From my perspective I’ve done anything after best knowledge and would do the same again.

In difference to before you are premium member now. Which means I can take the time to go on your server and fix it directly. But I wont do anything if you don’t calm down. You’re taking things very personal that just work this way for everyone. Bug hunting is never nice. Else I can only offer you a refund. I’m sorry for being so direct, but after doing this for longer I’ve decided to only work in a respectful communication.