Reply To: Set différent breakfast price adult / child [price]

ok i go further on my long path to the truth…

i did this :
Dej adulte :[price checkbox dejadulte “yes:12” pa]
Dej kid : [price checkbox dejkid “yes:10” pc]

it works well but does calculate one breakfast per people either kids or adult. What if the guys stay more than one night ??? i tried :
Dej adulte :[price checkbox dejadulte “yes:12” pa pu]
Dej kid : [price checkbox dejkid “yes:10” pc pu]

and of course it doesn’t work… 😉

Could you had a kind of condition such as : pau . pcu ?
or better introduce arithmetics in the different shorcodes sich as :

[price checkbox dejadulte “yes:12*pa*pu” ]

it could solve amount of situations… like my famous advance paying price…

can’t wait for your answer !!!