Reply To: Set-up Walk-through

unfortunately there’s nothing like a video tutorial as of yet.
You’ll find the most important settings to start with if you click on Resources and then on the title of one of the sample resources. The left side are information’s, the right side is to set it up. If you’ve enabled the tutorial mode it will explain you everything important.

To the reservations:
New reservations can be made by the guest or the admin.
For the guest you have to add the forms shortcode to a page or post. You can do it with the red E button in the post/page editor. In the standard form there’s a select for the resource, so they’re linked.
As admin you’ve the button beside the headline of the reservations dashboard. Either selecting the resource in the select or just click on the desired time in the overview to set it. Then they’re linked.
In fact a reservations can’t have no resource, so it’s always linked to one.

Hope I could help a bit.

Regards feryaz