Reply To: Setting minimum price

Here is the code from the form. I also emailed it to you. I see a whole new set of issues that doing this is now going to create. I have the resources set up for minimum of two people. doing this will force them to add two adults or I have to go back into all my resources and edit. correct me if I am wrong. Also, will I know how many of each child their is? Since children under six are free how will I discern.

How many adults?
[adults 3 4 value=”2″]

Ages of children
Under 6
[price select Under6 “0:0,1:0,2:0,3:0,4:0,5:0”]

[price select 7through12 “0:0,1:50,2:75,3:75,4:100,5:125”]

[price select 13through17 “0:0,1:35,2:70,3:105,4:140,5:175”]