Reply To: Setup questions

I have checked and, following your adjustments, pricing is OK now. However if filters do not share the date in question then there is a date between the filters where no filter applies. For example, if price is 160€ until 25/7 12:00 according to the filter, and from 26/7 12:00 price becomes 180€ according to the next filter, there is an interval of 24 hours in between them where price is not defined through the filters so any calculation would be with the base price (for that reason I feel uncomfortable as I intend to set base price to zero). Again, my testing results were good, but are you sure that it is OK to leave those gaps undefined between filters?

I saw the new price field you added with the ID 7. I understand the way you set the condition
[If Billing unit >= 1 THEN Price 140€ per Billing unit].
What I do not understand is in the line before you set: Value Yes [] Checked Price 100€ – what is the meaning of this statement and why the price is 100€ and not 140€?
I tried [custom id=”7″ show=”value”] in the email and it prints “Skipper” if checked and nothing (empty) if not checked. Is it possible to make it print Yes or NO?
If you need to test something I have set one form per each Sample Resource which can be called as “preview” from the “edit” of each custom post.
I thank you once more for your answers.