Reply To: Setup questions (2)

1. I tried a required custom select field where I may write my own possible values. How may I have it shown “please select” but “please select” to be not acceptable as a choice? I put “please select” in the “Unused” box but no result.
2. I think to set a price filter by condition where Type = Amount of days, Mode = Percent, Price Type = Extra charge, and whatever positive amount I put in “Price” will be used as surcharge percent. Please let me know if I got it right so far. The reason I ask for confirmation is that when I tried as above it seems to work as a surcharge percent on price, however when I edit the filter it doesn’t show Mode = Percent anymore. In any case, the number I will put in “Condition” refers to days and applies if days are more than X (I need to apply it when reserved days are less than X). If there is a way, can you show me how?
3. I hope you have this feature in a future version of your great plugin (can you think of any trick for now?).
4. OK
5. It would be great to use the unit filter but the week starts on Monday according to this filter. Is there any way to make the week start on Saturday?