Reply To: Setup questions (2)

1. I tried the custom field because you replied to me in your first answer: “Make an own select element”. What you mean by that? Is there anything else I may try to set up through easyReservations plugin?

2. Please excuse me that I do not understand your answer. Let me put it down: I will set a price filter by condition where
Priority = 1 (I will set priority=2 to all other price filters)
Type = Amount of days
Condition = 3 days
Mode = Percent
Price Type = Extra charge
Price = 10
It calculates a surcharge 10% on the price if reservation days are more than 3 (the filter shows “If guest stays 3 days or more the price increases by …” and in my tests applies only if reservation days are 3 or more). I need to apply the calculation if days are less than 3. What should I change in the above settings?

5. I need to be Saturday 21 June the first day to change the price. If I set a price filter to start on week 25, the first day to change the price is Monday 16 June – I have an undesired price change for 5 days more. If I set the filter to start on week 26, the first day to change the price is Monday 23 June – the price changes for two days less (my bookings are multiple of weeks , they start and end always on Saturdays).