Reply To: Setup questions

OK about “use/not use time”,
but what I need to change in the setting as above so 180 to be the price for 26/7 and 120 to be price and 13/9 (what I mean is to be shown as expected in the price simulator of the Resource’s settings page)?
However as you may have noticed, the “mistake” in the first change between periods (26/7/14) is not repeated in the second change between periods (16/8/14) although settings are exactly the same.
Further, on 13/9/14 the price filter ends at 12:00 so this day (in fact night) should take the base price 120 which is valid on 13/9/14 from 12:00:01 as the filter ends at 12:00:00 on this date. So in the “price simulator” the price for this day should be 120 from the base price and not 160 which come from the filter which has ended.
Please refer to the “1)” part of the message I sent on May 23, 2014 at 14:09/#11179 in this thread.