Reply To: Show the same price in calendar and form reservations

Hello, this line 126:

$res = new Reservation(false, array('email' => '', 'arrival' => $dateofeachday+43200, 'departure' => $dateofeachday, 'resource' => (int) $_POST['room'], 'adults' => $pers, 'childs' => $child,'reservated' => time()-($resev*86400)), false);

But I found this lines in the same file:

233 if(isset($_POST['persons'])) $persons=$_POST['persons'];
234 else $persons = 1;

509 if(!empty($_POST['persons'])) $persons = $_POST['persons'];
510 else $persons = 1;

I’d appreciate it if you wrote me the correct line of code. I don’t want the change could affect affect the proper calculation of the price.