Reply To: Some questions


htx for the responses, but i need some more info.

1) I have my function call inserted in a “custom select¨ field. But the point now is, how can i set the departure date in each value? I mean, I select Arrival and Hour date normally, minutes al always fixed to ’00’. Then if I select for example “morning” in the “custom select field”, which code could I use or the function call to set the departure date and the hour? That’s all I need I think.

2) I don’t understand how i can do that :S i’m trying with another condition…but I don’t know what am i doing wrond. There are my filters, maybe you can suggest me something:

Filter 1 -> “If guest stays 8 hours or more the price increases by $someMoney”
Filter 2 -> “if hour in Jun, Jul, Ago, Sep and guest stays 48 hours or more the price decreases by $another Money

The first one is for an extra charge for cleanning, the second one is a discount if stays the weekend in the summer. How can both be applied??

Thx again!