Reply To: Some requests

Hi, again.
Sorry but I need some more details.

About reply number 1:
It seems that there are no configurations available to have a filter or a default configuration into the resource to tell at the system something like “No reservations available for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow”. I mean that I do not want a constraint with a preset date or a preset period but something that “it moves with the time each day”.
Is this kind of configuration available? If yes could you please tell me the exact “path” to reach it?

About reply number 2:
In the “post view” (?post_type=easy-rooms) of the resources I do not find the option “page order”. Pleas note also that the ordering in “post view” seems different from the resource ordering (?page=reservation-resources or ?page=reservations). Could you please clarify and give me some more details in order to reach this option?

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards.