I sent you everything yesterday. is on mode “test” for you.

1. I made another try today. Apparently, payment are now going through but nothing happens on the website. I keep having a pending/loading icon next to the button “send” (sorry for my english).
What happens then:
– The guest is not redirected towards anything
– But the dashboard is updated to 100% paid
– The admin and the guest are NOT receiving a confirmation email.
I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong.

2. Maybe I did it wrong. I am going to try to upload it on the FTP rather than use WordPress because it deleted all my pre-existing reservations… Could you please give me the link to download your beta? So I make sure I have the right one. Thank you

Edit: GOT IT.

Edit 2: I think I manage to install the new beta correctly.
Good news! Now, both and Paypal are now working properly. Both times reservations are getting updated in the dashboard at 100% paid and email confirmation are sent.

Thank you for your help and for your work.