Reply To: Text for Submit button and "reserve now"

for the characters update to 3.1.3

I’ve added alot new languages to the paypal module, but I can’t update it right now because a new payment gateway isn’t correctly implemented. Till the next update you can open /wp-content/plugins/easyreservations/modules/paypal/paypal.php and change line 262 to

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'AU', 'Austria' => 'AT','Belgium' => 'BE','Brazil' => 'BR', 'Canada' => 'CA', 'Switzerland' => 'CH', 'Chinese' => 'CN', 'English' => 'EN', 'French' =>	'FR', 'German' => 'DE', 'Italian' => 'IT', 'Japanese' => 'JP', 'Spanish' => 'ES', 'United Kingdom' => 'GB', 'Netherlands' => 'NL', 'Poland' => 'PL', 'Portugal' => 'PT', 'Russia' => 'RU', 'United States' => 'US', 'Danish (for Denmark only)' => 'da_DK', 'Hebrew (all)' => 'he_IL', 'Indonesian (for Indonesia only)' => 'id_ID', 'Japanese (for Japan only)' => 'jp_JP', 'Norwegian (for Norway only)' => 'no_NO', 'Brazilian Portuguese (for Portugal and Brazil only)' => 'pt_BR', 'Russian (for Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine only)' => 'ru_RU', 'Swedish (for Sweden only)' => 'sv_SE', 'Thai (for Thailand only)' => 'th_TH', 'Turkish (for Turkey only)' => 'tr_TR', 'Simplified Chinese (for China only)' => 'zh_CN', 'Traditional Chinese (for Hong Kong only)' => 'zh_HK', 'Traditional Chinese (for Taiwan only)' => 'zh_TW');