Reply To: Thinking icon and calendar not displaying

Thank you for the help. I don’t earn anything out of it unfortunately … the client does …or should do at least 😉
You’re right that an admin log in seems to fix it. I know because I just looked and the problem was there again. I then logged in and it was fixed.
This leads me to think that perhaps this could be a clash between easyreservations plugin and this one:
The reason I think that is because whenever I log in the problem disappears. However, my client has the ‘editor’ role, not admin. That is customised using the capability manager plugin. Perhaps it’s whenever she logs in that the problem comes back.
I will try deleting the plugin, giving her default permissions for the editor role and see if that makes a difference. I will let you know here so it can hopefully be of help to other users who come across the problem in the future.