Reply To: Times Error

Ok, I’m having another issue. I may just be missing something but I’ve been fighting with it all day and I can’t figure it out.

Here’s what I want. I have 3 resources. All 3 of them are available to one person per day. It doesn’t matter what time and time doesn’t show to the user. If someone reserves the resource for a day, it needs to show as unavailable for that day. I want the calendar to show that each day has 1 reservation spot available and that it only occurs on that day, not crossing into the next day.

Here’s the problem. Currently, if someone reserves the resource for a day, it shows as crossing over to the next day, from noon to noon. It shows half the day as unavailable. Also, it’s letting me set more reservations on the same day, even though the Count is set to 1. I’ve tried playing with the hidden units field and the hidden date-from-hour and date-to-hour fields.

What am I missing?