Reply To: unable to update paid

In theory you’re right, in reality it’s impossible.
I would need over two weeks to fully test the system. If the current version would be bug free and there wouldn’t be new functions in each update it may would be possible to really test it, but If I don’t fix the known bugs fast I loose new clients.
And as I’m just a human there can come new bugs with the fixes. The bug in this thread wasn’t even occurring for me. I could have tested it for years without finding it.
If you multiplicate all possible settings in the plugin with all the possible PHP/mySQL and WordPress versions and all the browsers used you’ll see that I would need a big team of testers to make mentionable tests, but alone it makes no sense to start to test 3-5% of the plugin. So I can only react on bug reports. Or would you like to pay monthly for a testing team? Or will you test it for free again and again for each small update? That’s nothing you can expect for a one time payment of 120€. It’s not even unrealistic, it’s impossible.

I find in average one bug in one of googles services at the day. Let it be that I have to reload the page to search or a mail won’t open. They have to most and best programmers on the world and cant manage to work bug free.
Bug free was a dream back in the 70s thats given up for long. There’s no bug free software.