Reply To: User cant change booking. Urgent!

You don’t understand.
The user can not change anything. When user edit the form there is no confirmation about the reservation have been changed. And the reservation is not changed. Nothing works for the user to change their reservation. I have tested different setting for 0 and 1 “Reservations are editable till X days before their arrival” The error message is there regardless of the number of days.
The User control panel Form is not working …

Maybe if you let us change the form it will be used more 😉


Edit …
I made some progress … If I change the “user edit.php” at around line 812 to if($resPast == 1) or if($resPast !== 0) I can se the Submit button. However the result is that the change shows up with status “Pending”. So admin have to approve the change. Not so good.
I have tried different settings for the “Auto approve” setting.
The message “Please contact us to edit your reservation” is showing no matter what I do 🙁

I really need to edit the form.
I have to remove some of the form fields. Persons, Children, Country and Phone. It’s not used in the booking form an may confuse the customers.